Friday, January 22

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Hyperspace, as we don’t call it, 12:21


I have the spent the morning in Zoomville.

I started the day with a VAKEN management team meeting in which we talked on Zoom while collaboratively editing a version of a grant application that I had worked on yesterday. That got done, in an hour and the result pleased everyone.

I learned that I should always spell Vaken as VAKEN. And why not? I asked a question that went unanswered. When we pronounce it in conversation do we have to take care to shout it?

The second Spring class for the DGD club members began at 10:30 Helsinki time, and 2pm Indian Standard Time. Sahan and I worked together with Simi using Signal and Zoom. The class worked on Meteor Shower, a Scratch game that I had written last week. I had designed it to get them back up to speed, so it had code that could be added block by block and built up without any rearranging or recreating.

Sahan decided that we could test the strength of the network connection, and so he installed Zoom on all the computers in the room, and we got this result. In short: it worked.

We had full connections with very little lag. We had problems of echoes and feedback but they resulted from two many laptops overhearing each other in the room. We more or less fixed them by enforcing a mute-when-not-speaking strategy.

The real purpose of this hinged on determining the chance of us running Minecraft online in the class. Right now the chances look good.