Monday, January 25

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Riskutie, 8:37


After yesterday’s knee-punishing walk I feel a certain reluctance to go tramping through the woods today. I decide to stick to the roads.

As I take a long walk around what we might loosely call “the block” I listen to a particularly interesting episode of No Stupid Questions which addresses two issues: whether or not psychotherapy actually works, and whether or not people have multiple personalities. It referenced (or rather Angela Duckworth referenced) the work of Aaron T. Beck and in particular a paper that he co-wrote titled The Theory of Modes: Applications to Schizophrenia and Other Psychological Conditions, a link to which you can find here. The article itself hides coyly behind Springer’s paywall which takes a lot of money to climb over.

The episode makes use of a lot of interesting references and packs them all in a handy web page, as we have tried to do with Miaaw. NSQ does it rather better.

Note to self: perhaps we should up our game. Note to self from different personality: but we already have. Things can only get better.

While listening and thinking I trudge successfully home. I pause in Riskutie to photograph a snowy hedge with a faintly coloured house behind it. I think to myself that I should find something other than snow to photograph.

I dismiss this idea as mere fantasy and carry on walking through the snow.