Wednesday, February 3

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | | |

The woods, 12:00


Snow spent the entire night falling as intensely as it could so we woke up to discover another thick blanket of whiteness. As usual the snow had not spread itself evenly. It had decided to favour us with its presence.

I spent 90 minutes clearing our drive and paths after breakfast before spending the rest of the morning recording a podcast and planning some future editions.

The snowplough came round while I talked nonsense into a microphone, and so I left the house again to clear the end of the drive.

At this point I noticed that the weather had turned glorious. The temperature had dropped but the sun had come out and everything looked absurdly bright and shiny. Even the air felt shiny.

I walk indoors and get my iPad, and then walk into the woods and look at the trees until I find an arrangement I want to photograph.

Apparently the snow has now gone for a week or so, and the weather will look like this until Spring arrives. The temperature will drop to minus nineteen or so, which means that clearing snow will become more or less impossible.

I will feel so good that I have got ours more or less under control that I will spend the afternoon editing the podcast and joining an online doctoral seminar.