Monday, February 8

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Garden, 13:00


I race through a load of barely connected tasks in the morning, including making some crucial tests with the microphone I bought last week for podcasting.

It works!

I bought a Blue Snowball Ice, after making a number of inquiries with people I trusted to know about these things. The advice proved good. Recording into Audacity on the computer produced a much clearer sound than using the computer’s own microphone. It worked as well as the Olympus LS-5 pcm recorder that I have used until now – with a lot less bother.

The Olympus will continue to work for remote recording. The Snowball will make creating podcasts with Zencastr a piece of cake.

Yes to cake!

I go out to check the mailbox. On the way back I stop at the gas station. I had noticed earlier that birds have now started using it. I also notice that it has a thick carpet of snow covering its roof, just like the real buildings, including the shed that it hangs from.