Thursday, February 11

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Arcada, 13:30


This morning I got up, had breakfast, and left for Pasila in a temperature of approximately minus 18 celsius.

The main police station sits about five minutes walk from The Mall of Tripla which wraps around the train station. I checked the directions on my phone before leaving the warmth of the mall/station because today did not feel like a day to find myself walking in the wrong direction.

I took a number, and eventually chatted in Finnish with a police woman. I had gone there because I needed to give my fingerprints and signature before they could give me a Finnish passport.

Job done, I left and walked two hundred metres to the bus stop. Two minutes later I boarded a 50 bus and fifteen minutes after that I stood at Kalasatama waiting for a 55.

I have finished one set of tasks and eaten crispbread and peanut butter for lunch. I walk around Arcada, mask on, and end up downstairs looking out of a window. I watch a car drive one way, turn round, and drive back. I look at the bright blue sky.

The temperature has scarcely risen.