Tuesday, February 16

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | | |

Arabia, 11:37


I went out into the world this morning to see what I could see. I got the bus, metro and bus to Arcada, and arrived with five minutes to spare before I had a complex meeting with Flavius about Vaken.

The complexity arose as we realised that we both agreed that some of the fundamental assumptions behind the process we have worked on needed revising. We had intended to work on one relatively small element of the document, as asked. Instead we worked on literally every aspect of the document except that one small element which remained happily untouched.

After all this excitement I decide to walk to the mall to get some lunch ingredients from Lidl. As I walk out of Lidl and towards the escalators back up to the ground floor I photograph a masked woman walking towards me.

I will eat my cheese sandwich and look out of the window at the bright white snow reflecting the light from the bright blue sky.