Monday, March 1

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Rohdinkuja, 17:00


Things continue to melt and, for some reason, I fail to sleep. I come to tired and out of sorts, and go for a walk to try to wake up. I take no earbuds with me. I feel like having less information, not more.

Today Tomas and I start the Innovations course, for which I have worked long hours last week rewriting the Vaken documentation into a set of instructions that we can use for a self-directed set of tasks. This has taken much longer than I had expected and I have still not managed to finish.

I have the first three days up and running though, so I have some sort of buffer.

I will record another podcast and then have a chat with Mark: something that seems to have become a weekly habit since the pandemic kicked in.

Now the working day has ended and I stand in the drive waiting to go to Stockmann. We have learned to take any excuse, however flimsy, to get out of the house. I notice the pattern that melting snow has arranged itself in. I photograph it.