Hello Kristina, goodbye

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POSTED: March 3, 2021

I received an email this morning.

Hoi, how are you doing? I am hope yours day fine. Fine weather gives even more pleasure. And if soon I’m see you letter, my day will become delightful. I’m became glad when saw your email on web site. Also decided to answer to your. I’m want to receive your letter and also you foto’s. My photos made you happy? I am Russian, but I madly like to to get acquainted. Also I’m want to find the love. It does not frighten you? You are interested in me? I will be very glad if we continue to communicate further. distance not obstacle? of course there is a desire to treat you with tasty tea. You have a desire to go to the cinema? I will check for you letter. Kiss. your Kristina!

The text had a very small inline thumbnail image accompanying it. In it “my Kristina” stands fully dressed, with a look that suggests that she very much wants to go to the cinema. Unfortunately the cinemas here remain closed and so we seem destined not to meet, even for tasty tea.

I would reply to tell her this but something seems wrong with the email address: it says luca@lanchar.com.br and a quick word with Mister Google informs me that “.br is the Internet country code top-level domain for Brazil”.

If I remember correctly Russia and Brazil count as different countries, and not even neighbouring ones. I fear Kristina has confused herself with someone else.