Monday, March 15

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Arcada, 11:50


I arrived at Arcada just after 9:00 and photographed the entrance as I walked in. I seemed the only person in sight. A few moments ago I got up, put on my mask, and went for a walk around the building. I seemed the only person in sight.

I walk back to the entrance and retake the photograph I took two and a half hours ago. It looks exactly the same.

So far I have seen Nicke and Kauko briefly and one students at the other end of the building when I went to fill the kettle.

Since we may have a much more draconian lockdown in April if the current one proves ineffective, I might up my attendance here to twice a week, while I can. Just over one year ago, on Thursday March 12, Arcada announced publicly that teaching would move online, and the next Monday it did.

Since then, the ability to leave the house occasionally for something other than shopping has come to seem increasingly importance.