Thursday, March 18

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Sormuspolku, 8:46


Yesterday the snow came down thick in the morning and then stopped, and then started again. Today I can see only a few flakes hovering in the air. I decide to go for a walk.

I walk through the woods and almost slip once. I turn left and down to Riskutie, where I turn right. Walking down Riskutie I realise that the pavement contains a large amount of deceptive ice. Finally my feet slip from under me and I fall over completely, after a few seconds of arm-waving gyrations.

I land safely. I also land safely the second time this happens, about fifty metres further down the road. The second time feels more serious: my feet just slide from under me with no time to dance my way out of trouble.

I take the next road to the right which takes me up a hill, down a hill, and back home. I walk along Sormuspolku very carefully. At one point, where my feet slide away, I perform a successful gymnastic routine and that ends with my knees bent but without falling over. I stand up and take a photograph back towards where I have come from.