Monday, March 22

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Kiviportintie, 8:50


A bright morning, and the snow has started some early morning melting as I leave the house for a walk. I drop some old papers into the recycling bin which set my direction.

I do a loop. I turn left off the long path and walk straight down towards the estate agency on Kiviportintie. I can remember when this housed a pilates studio. I can also remember what came before that: an odd but quaint fabric and furniture shop with a little café. We would visit that occasionally when it still seemed a long way away.

I will record a podcast in the morning. I will spend much of the rest of the day trying to rebuild everything I broke when I tried to update the server where this lives. Apache refused to update which then pointed to a previously hidden issue with multiple installations of php.

I will fix these, leaving only php 7.2, which means that ClassicPress automatically makes several sizes of each image again. I will discover that the daily diary has stopped displaying properly.

This eventually proves a consequence of updating php successfully. The newer version claims a piece of code that has worked flawlessly for years now breaks the rules. I will hunt down the offending line and rewrite it.

Everything will work again but I will still have the problem of trying to update Apache.