Wednesday, March 24

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Turunlinnantie, 18:23


I went to Arcada again today to carry on the course I started yesterday. I had not intended to but I realised on the bus home that I had left too much stuff on my laptop at work to happily start teaching from home tomorrow.

I made sure at the end of today that everything that needed to live in Dropbox so I could access it from anywhere had actually gone to its home.

I leaped off the metro at Itis and crossed the bridge to Stoa to offer some help in carrying bags of this and that from Stoa to a car. Now we have filled the boot of the car and I stand looking across at Itis while the car does a three point turn over some ice bumps.

I don’t often look at Itis from here. It reminds me that inside it appears one seamless mall, while outside it gives the impression of a dispirate clump of buildings forced next to each other.