Thursday, March 25

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Selkämerenkatu, 14:05


I started the morning with no time for a walk but plenty of time for an unnecessary tutorial. After this I headed into Minecraft for a morning of chaos and joy.

Yesterday Amanda, Elli and I decided that we should use both an online shared world and and individual instances of a solo world. Amanda had found a really good seed number for the solo world that has the player landing about 20 blocks from a compact but well equipped village. We spent time exploring this and making sure we understood how it could be used as an introduction and also as a backup for the times when the internet refuses to work at SISP.

This morning we went into Zoom with Sahan and had a long discussion after which he left to explain everything to the club members.

After this I race to Ruoholahti to get my first covid-19 vaccine. It takes me a few minutes to find the place but the sun has come out and the new architecture proves interesting so I feel fine.

I get there, get my injection, and sit down for the required fifteen minutes to make sure I don’t faint on the road outside. The whole operation looks and feels like a relaxed field hospital in M.A.S.H.

I get the Ffizer BioNTech vaccine, fact fans. I also get an appointment in twelve weeks time for my second injection.

On the way back to the metro the sun springs into full Spring life and I pause on the bridge on Selkämerenkatu and look down the waterway. I see ducks in the distance and a couple walking along the embankment. The sun renders one side of the water almost white and the other side almost black.

I will have two good ideas in the metro home, in which I sit almost alone.