Monday, March 29

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Riskutie, 8:42


After breakfast I made a sudden decision to go to Arcada to work. I also made a spontaneous decision to walk that way instead of this way.

I walk down the little hill and across Riskutie where I stop to look at the homemade sign. It offers snow-clearing work and seems a little late to me. I wonder whether the boys who cleared our snow put it there, or some other enterprising teenagers.

By the time I leave the metro at Sörnäinen a thin drizzle will have started and the temperature will have dropped. It will feel like a typical day in late October or early November.

I will spend the morning in Minecraft where the club members will start using the Minecraft pdfs that I have prepared. Amanda, Elli and I will look at the official Minecraft curriculum, and realise that we still seem the only people building a course in the world that actually takes advantage of the world itself.

I will spend the afternoon in meetings which I will wish I had avoided.