Tuesday, April 6

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Itäkeskus bus station, 17:05


I went to Arcada this morning and taught there all afternoon. When teaching a coding class online, as I did today, I have come to understand the benefits of using two screens. I can share one screen with the students while keeping my notes, and my private stash of code morsels, on the other.

This preserves a simple work flow that enable the students to follow along while giving me another screen to improvise on or, occasionally, look things up on.

Klaus turned up in the late morning and so I saw another member of staff in person for the first time in weeks. We waved to each across the room.

Now I have left work and got the metro to Itis, where I wait to board a bus. A bus arrives and the driver gets out for a coffee and a toilet break. He leaves the door open and I get on. As I do I look round and see the runaway shopping trolley in front of the mesh fence.

I take out my phone and photograph it.

Fifteen minutes later I will arrive home just as the podcast playing in my earbuds finishes.