Sunday, April 11

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Garden, 13:00


And just like that Spring arrived. I got up and went for a walk in bright sunlight. As I arrived home and got my keys out a fly landed on my hand: the first I have seen since autumn.

After that we cannot stop seeing insects. A large bee lands on the wall and stays there for ten minutes or so, moving only when I come back from fetching a camera. Two butterflies also land on the wall and fly away only when I decide to photograph them.

I find myself looking at a fly that seems keen to star in a photograph or movie of some sort. Not only does it no move away, it stays there even after I have finished and wandered off. Not as photogenic as the butterflies and bees it nonetheless has the distinct advantage of remaining on the warm wall while I point a phone at it.