Monday, April 12

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

The fields, 8:40


I listen to the Small Faces, Joe Brown and Jane Siberry as I walk in the warm Spring air. I walk down towards Mellunmäki and then turn left into the fields.

I stop to look at one of the metal benches. They have poles at the back to keep them in the ground but from some angles they look as though someone has successfully invented the hover seat.

I go home and try to work on several projects at once. I make a determined effort to (re)start the paper I have promised to deliver at the end of the month, while finishing a pdf for the DGD group and updating the content for the two courses I currently teach.

I will fit a couple of meetings in too while looking forward to summer when (with a bit of luck) the madness will die down and travel will become possible once more.