Tuesday, April 20

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Arcada, 11:58


I have travelled the city in search of work, and found some at Arcada teaching students how to structure information. The weather remained sunny and warm(ish) while I ventured onto public transport.

I decide to go for a walk to the mall to see how the world of restaurants has dealt with today’s Grand Reopening. They all closed a month or so ago and now they can reopen again, albeit with a series of restrictions, including not serving alcohol after 5pm and not serving anything at all after 6pm.

Chico’s has two tables of drinkers sitting outside in a temperature I would consider rather chilly. One of them takes their coat off while the other puts it on.

I have decided to stop eating cakes and chocolates for some time, due to a surfeit during Easter. However, sometimes you have to make an exception. I enter K-Market for the first time in about six months and find myself confronted with a range of what they call emojimunkki.

I choose this one.