Incompetent spam

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POSTED: April 12, 2021

I got this in my inbox, allegedly from Eastern Radiologists in Greenville, North Carolina. I have removed nothing. It arrived just like this: all grammar and spacing preserved to demonstrate our failures as a species.

Please we have decided to purchase.According to our last supplier we have given our preffered prices in Row 8 of the excel Document, Please enter the amount you are willing to sell at Row 9.

Please try to send prices as soon as possible to enable us foward to our accounts department so that it fall into April and we schedule payment early next month.

Thank you as i await your reply.

The email had a spreadsheet attached. I thought about opening it to see what the malign scripting contained but decided, after ten seconds’ reflection, that I did not have enough interest to justify the time I might have to spend sandboxing it and/or cleaning up afterwards.

I guess I will never get to know the “preffered prices in Row 8” and whether or not I would have considered them bargains.