Sunday, September 23

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Sundö, 14:20


Today was the opposite of yesterday. It had rained heavily in the night and it continued raining hard all day. We hard breakfast and started packing away all the outdoor furniture that should, ideally, have been moved around on a day like yesterday.

It is now done. The sauna has been cleaned and all the water removed. The trampoline is in pieces and stacked in the sauna house. The tables and chairs are stored in various places. The clothes and bedding have all been put in bags and boxes so that the mice can’t get them. The fridge has been emptied, cleaned and dried. I am looking out of the kitchen window at the pouring rain, falling on the little bridge over the ditch. My head and feet are soaking wet, and it most definitely feels like autumn.

Our final task will be to get some vegetables from Camilla’s little shop, and then we will drive home. Once we have eaten a dinner of fresh potatoes and Åke Anderssen’s fish, Irma will drive Naa to the metro station, so she can get to Kamppi without getting soaked. We will have showers and then watch Funny or Die, a stupid but very amusing programme we find ourselves watching most Sundays, since we accidentally stumbled upon it.