Friday, May 7

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Etelaesplanadi, 15:00


Yesterday I had my birthday and today Irma arranged a treat for me. We went to the centre and, to my complete surprise, we went to the Savoy building, got in the escalators, and went up to the top floor to the restaurant.

I had heard of the Savoy restaurant but had never actually gone there. We had the Marshall’s Menu, allegedly concocted at Mannerheim’s request, and his favourite when he went there (which he did most days apparently). This immediately reminded me of our trip to Gdansk where I ate the ten course Lech’s menu only to discover Lech Walesa entering the restaurant and sitting at the next table with a couple of friends at the point I had just started my sixth course.

He, of course, ordered the same as me.

I did not expect that to happen here, though, if only because Mannerheim died in January 1951.

We spent the promised couple of hours working our way through four courses, beginning with white asparagus and finishing with champagne poached rhubarb with vanilla mousse.

I photograph the third course: Madame Burgaud’s duck with spring cabbage, orange and diable sauce.

I love every moment of it.