Monday, May 17

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Arabia, 11:54


Irma sent me a message this morning to tell me that my email had bounced her messages back to her. I realised that GreenGeeks had automatically created an email address for me and somehow overridden the account I have at Runbox.

I checked and they had indeed. I spent a happy hour configuring the new account and then configuring Outlook and Spark to recognise the new account without deleting the mail from the old one. In the end everything appeared to work and I appeared to have failed to lose any mail.

I looked up and out of the window, feeling suddenly hungry.

The sun has come out and I therefore decide to walk to the mall to find myself some lunch. As I approach the mall I notice that Chico’s has erected some greenhouse-like structures around a couple of the terrace tables. I look more closely and notice the Reserved signs.

I wander around the mall wondering what you have to do to gain permission to have lunch in one of the greenhouses. I could probably answer this by walking into Chico’s, ordering a hamburger, and asking.

I go to S-Market and buy a pie instead.