Daði Freyr

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POSTED: May 21, 2021

Daði Freyr entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020 for Iceland with his band Gagnamagnið but the contest got cancelled because of the corona pandemic. Apparently, though, some countries held unofficial contests and he did very well in all of those, eventually getting a hit record across Europe.

Gagnamagnið apparently means Data Plan in Icelandic.

His song Think about Things reached number 1 in Iceland, to nobody’s surprise, number 3 in Ireland, number 10 in Scotland, and had Top Forty hits in Sweden and the UK.

You can find various live performances on You Tube, all excellently entertaining, but the official video has an appeal of its own.

Iceland suggested that he should represent them in 2021, and so he and the band recorded a new song called Ten Years. Again the official video differs somewhat from the live performances.

They got through the semi-finals to the grand final on Saturday. During this process they learned that one of the band had tested positive for COVID-19, and so they may have to pre-record their appearance.

Irony? Possibly not. Bad luck? Definitely.