Friday, May 28

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Arcada, 12:23


I left for Arcada after breakfast and the weather looked as though it would continue yesterday’s pattern of dry and cold followed by wet and cold. I put my jumper and jacket on and left.

By the time I reached the bus stop I had decided the jumper was unnecessary and removed it. By the time I got to Arcada I had begun to think that shorts might have proved a better choice than trousers.

After a morning of meeting, talking and writing, I leave for Lidl to get my lunch. On the way back, under a blazing sun, I pause to look around. I take some pictures and choose this one.

I will go back, eat lunch, chat with Monica, and spend a pointless hour wrestling with Word templates. I have received orders to print my final thesis assessment using the new Arcada notepaper template. The version of Word on my laptop refuses to recognise the template.

Eventually I will discover that Word 365 has a new feature: you have to switch into Print View before you can see the template in action.

Fuck you very much, I will think as I close my laptop and head out into the unexpected sunshine for the weekend.