Saturday, May 29

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | | |

Plantagen, 15:00


Summer has returned for the weekend.

The arrival of warmth really does bring attitudinal changes with it. I wake up feeling like doing some physical tasks and the feeling continues all day until the sun finally goes down and I start to become chilly.

I do some indoor painting and then I wash one of the terraces to remove the pollen that has built up all Spring. I look at the rhubarb, sit down to watch the birds and then get up to screw some fixtures in.

The afternoon calls for soil and we go to Plantagen over the main road to find some. I look at it all piled up and quietly marvel as people arrive to take it away, one by one.

We will continue gardening and. As usual, we will leave it slightly too late to sit in the garden drinking a cold cider. We will start the cider, start shivering, and head indoors.