Thursday, June 10

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Linnanherrantie, 8:55


Today, I have to record a podcast for broadcast tomorrow. I have followed my usual process of doing as little as possible while doing a lot. The podcast will serve as a preliminary draft of the paper I will deliver to Nathalie next Wednesday, halving my work (allegedly) while doubling my reasons to actually do it.

As I walk through the morning sun I understand that, in this weather, I have both a need for this strategy and an environment conducive to it. I listen to Michael Nesmith’s third album, Nevada Fighter, and like it as much as I remember liking it.

I watch a bus coming along and turning right into Riskutie. It looks like a scene from a movie.

I will spend the day proving myself right. I will work like mad on the paper and/or the podcast script. I will find some documents I had failed to find at on my previous visit. I will wander in and out of the garden while Irma holds Zoom meetings in the other room.

It will feel as though I could do this forever, if we lived somewhere where the weather always behaved like today.