Sunday, June 13

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Riskupoisto, 13:11


Vartiokylä has some keen local organisers. They began a few years ago by organising activities at Halloween, and progressed to holding an egg hunt at Easter. Then they introduced Santa riding through the area in a horse and cart, and today they complete their seasonal events with the first summer jumble sale.

The weather changed in the night and the bright sunshine gave way to clouds and rain. They postponed the start of the event from 10:00 to 12:00 and, just like that, the rain ran away.

Or almost.

We walked down earlier and helped set the tables up when we found out we had arrived early. Now we have returned to look around and find some things to buy.

I will buy a 500 piece jigsaw of the photograph of men sitting on a girder in New York eating lunch. I will open it when I get home and realise that about 350 of the pieces are various indistinguishable shades of