Monday, June 14

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Itis, 18:30


I spent a very varied day doing very various things which began with me emptying one of the terraces in the continuing sun.

I alternated between physical and mental work. I read and made notes. I washed the terrace floor. I answered emails. I painted the terrace floor.

I recorded an episode of Common Practice with Sophie and Steven Hadley which added a bunch of new ideas to my forthcoming papers and book. I made more notes.

I painted the second and final coat of paint on the terrace. I zoomed with Mark. I found the paint had dried in the sun and put the garden furniture back.

Now we have come to Itis.

I find myself looking at one of the metal columns which reflects a mass of entangled visual information back at me. I look at it from different angles and eventually I take a photograph.

When we return we will have bought flowers, bargains, and more. I will sit down and read through a thesis that I have to examine tomorrow.