Shark 5 update

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POSTED: June 25, 2021

I have written earlier about my liking for Lidl’s Shark 5 razor, each blade of which lasts for an absurdly long time. This time I decided to make a new and definitive test, using easily remembered numbers. I therefore started a new Shark 5 blade on the morning of January 1, 2021.

I still have it in the razor and I still shave with it every morning. In the last couple of weeks I have noticed that my tin of Lidl shaving foam has started to reach the end of its life, and the the blade no longer feels pristine on my chin. I therefore decided that one would finish when the other did.

The blade has held on but the shaving cream has now almost ended. On Monday the summer solstice marked the halfway point of the year. Today I think I will start a new blade after I have shaved, which will almost certainly involve finishing the foam.

This blade has lasted 175 days, or 25 weeks exactly.

During this period Lidl’s designers have worked hard and completely redesigned the packaging of the Cien shaving foam.