Saturday, June 26

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Sundö, 17:32


Mika and Camilla went to an island to celebrate midsummer. We wake up to a completely quiet farm. For a moment I wonder if they have taken the sheep with them.

This morning, as the sun continues to beat down, I carry on mowing the grass. The mower we have here differs from the one we bought for home only in the sense that it has a slightly bigger motor and the ability to raise and lower it cutting blade.

We go swimming and Irma helps me improve my technique in a set of exercises we might usefully call How Not To Drown. I relax and feel grateful and happy.

Later, having dried ourselves, we need potatoes and head for the farm shop. I take some photographs of the inside. Camilla makes a very nice looking farm shop and I like photographing it.

I also like buying the potatoes and salad.