Friday, February 10

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Itäkeskus, 17:10

I began a long morning with a 9am meeting with some people from Conmio, a successful mobile apps company based in Helsinki. They want to cooperate with us, which seems like a fine idea to me.

I spent the rest of it trying to regain focus on the Snowcastle Valley project, and almost managing. I have not heard anything about the server/USB connectivity, which means that I need to doing some emailing. On the other hand a version of the village is growing and there has been progress with both the vehicles and the talking trees.

After a sandwich Johnny and I spent a couple of hours planning and timetabling the Masters course that begins next month, missing the Rector’s Monthly Coffee in the process. I went and got us two Runeberg cakes though.

Now I am on a bus waiting to get home and watching the snow fall outside. The reflection on the window is startling. Later I will go with Irma to collect logs before circling round to Prisma.