Monday, June 28

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Sundö, 17:32


In the early afternoon Irma left for Helsinki to continue the work she needs to do before she can stop for summer. I set up the computer in the sauna house and prepared to do the work I have promised to do.

And indeed want to do.

Last Friday, just before we left Helsinki I checked the mailbox and the book I thought that I needed to complete the arguments in the paper I will finish tomorrow had arrived. Even better, as I read The H Factor of Personality over the last few days I realised that, to my delight, it really did supply the final arguments that I need.

Sometimes things work out.

The sun goes in and out. I wash my hair in the sauna house. In doing so I discover that the tree collapsing on it, while not fatal, has pushed the whole structure slightly out of alignment. The door to the actual sauna no longer closes properly – which it did until last week.

I mow a bit, and read a bit, and write a bit. I wander around the farm and photograph the old boat that Camilla has filled with flowers and herbs. Perhaps, I think, the flowers will turn into herbs. Or have already turned from herbs into flowers.

I return to the sauna and continue writing. I look around and smile.

Sometimes things work out.