Thursday, July 1

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | |

Kråkö Bryggeri, 14:00


We have driven to Kråkö (Crow Island in Swedish) to hunt down the brewery whose beers have started to appear at Benita’s Café. We find it easily since Kråkö consists mainly of fields.

The brewery shares the premises of an old school with a gallery (Galleria Skolan, not too surprisingly). We walk in past a family sitting under a big umbrella eating a very big meal.

We look around and buy a box of six choose-yourself beers: two Alpha lagers, two Beta lagers, and two Iisi Ale. I photograph some beers on a shelf, including the delicious Red Smoke, as Irma packs our six into our little cardboard carrying case.

As we leave we peep through the glass doors to the brewery itself and a man comes out and invites us in. I don’t catch his name, but he owns the brewery, which began a year ago and started producing ale for sale in April.

We watch a young man in a big beard running a bottling machine which seems to produce a bottle a minute: a micro-brewery indeed. The owner grabs one of the bottles from the belt and gives it to us. We get Old Porvoo Ale, which we have not had before.

We head home determined to come again. Next time we will make sure we do not have lunch first. Instead we will sit under a big umbrella and have what looked like very tasty and very big meals.