Sunday, July 4

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Pellinge, 11:52


Lantloppis did not happen last year, but today it returned. We got up in plenty of time and arrived about 10:45. Even at that time the road had already filled with parked cars. We walked up the hill and waited for lantloppis to open at 11:00 precisely.

They have a way of doing this that reminds me of the start of the Le Mans driving race. You can approach the stalls from two ends and both of them have ribbon stretched across. At precisely 11:00 both ends get ceremoniously pulled back and people race in to hunt for bargains and surprises.

This year we got some nice (and useful) bric-a-brac. We also found a Tefal contact grill. It differs from the George Foreman grill we have in Helsinki in several ways but it also makes waffles and toasted sandwiches if you want it to.

We will try it out later and it will work well. Ask yourself this: who wants to start a barbecue in thirty degrees of sunshine?

One answer: not us…