Wednesday, July 7

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Helsinginkatu, 9:45


Today I have my routine medical checkup so I have a chance to explore Helsinki in the summer. I have to get to Alppikatu and so I get off the metro and walk down Helsinginkatu to Linnanmäki.

The first thing I notice: the R-Kioski in Sörnäinen metro station has closed and stands empty of furniture and fittings. Since it did good business (or seemed to) even during the pandemic it cannot have gone bankrupt. Perhaps it will reopen in autumn renovated.

The second thing I notice: a number of these electricity boxes carefully painted and then carelessly scribbled over. I pass a wall of street photography where every photo is artlessly scribbled over with the same dull tag.

By the time I reach this one I have decided that what I can see constitutes a war between the talented and the talentless. What the talented can do the talentless can undo. Or overdo. Or render pointless.

After my checkup I will walk down Toinen linja to Hakkaniemi metro, passing more examples of this quiet urban war.