Wednesday, July 21

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Sandholm, 17:52


We have walked around the midweek market and stopped to chat with Camilla and Mika. We have bought pies from the old lady in the corner, whose name we do not know.

We have stopped to chat with Janne and waved to Eero and Elena who wave to us from a table in Benita’s.

Benita has a big crowd today and so we find ourselves a table in the far corner which nobody else has noticed. We sit there looking out at the beach.

Helmer, the man on the far right in the photograph, nods to us and then carries on talking to the man in the hat made of old Karhu cans. Years ago, before the ferry crossed at Sundö, Helmer used to drive the ferry from somewhere on the mainland to Sandholm.

His grandson drives the Tirmo ferry now.