Friday, July, 23

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Sundö, 14:43


Last week the temperature reached 34 degrees at one point. Today, according to my phone, it has dropped to seventeen degrees, although it will rise to nineteen later. I have moved from walking barefoot and topless to wearing shoes and a thick jumper.

Irma has gone to Borgå with Camilla and I have checked the oil and changed the battery on the boat. In doing this I have realised why I have felt confused.

The boat has a 2-stroke engine which means you have to mix the gasoline and oil in a set ration. However you put them into separate tanks, as though the engine worked like a 4-stroke car (or lawnmower) engine. The reason, I have now discovered, lies in the fact that Yamaha have invented an autolube system that injects the oil into the gasoline in the right quantity while the engine runs.

The English manual, aimed at American owners, did not explain this. The Finnish manual did.

As I get back to the garden from the boat, pleased that I now understand something that I didn’t an hour ago, I look up and take a photograph of the sky.

Ah, seventeen degrees, I think.