Summer at Lidl

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POSTED: July 24, 2021

A month or two ago Lidl offered a hoodie for sale with a huge Lidl logo on the back. Irma and I saw it and chuckled. Later, in a WhatsApp chat, I learned that Jutta and Kaitsu had almost bought them in a fit if giggles.

Last week, as we passed through the Söderkulla Lidl again, we saw a new line of Lidl summer shorts for a mere 6.99€.

They came with matching t-shirts for those who wanted them.

It took Irma and I about thirty seconds to realise that I just had to have a pair. And another thirty seconds to realise that the t-shirt would ruin, rather than enhance, the effect of the shorts.

I have worn them on the farm as “home shorts” for the last few days and they feel really comfortable. I have also discovered two interesting pieces of news.

Firstly, these shorts have begun to feature heavily on social media as ironists everywhere adopt them for faux sexy poses. It looks as though Lidl have a cult hit on their hands.

Secondly, and rather more surprisingly, the shorts attract bees in large numbers. It seems that the pattern resembles flowers on a coloured background. As I sit in the garden reading bees land on my shorts and walk around checking out the yellow circles before flying off again.

I just feel thankful they don’t attract wasps.