Monday, July 26

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Sundö, 18:34


An interesting day in which much got done by travelling round in circles.

I got up at 8:30 after a long and partially restless night and made myself breakfast. Then I wrote. Then I walked around the garden and tended to some things there. Then I went into the house and tended to some things there.

Then I repeated this as often as necessary until the day had finished.

I got everything done that I intended to get done including some cooking, some eating, some talking, some tree cutting, some washing up, some watering, some weeding, some writing.

I learn that Mark bought a copy of an exceedingly rare signed cassette of a legendary Freddie & The Dreamers album, I was the Singer in a Sixties Band, on eBay for 50p.

In the early evening Trulle, the farm cat, will come to visit and lay on the freshly watered grass for fifteen minutes or so until I eventually agree to photograph him.