Wednesday, July 28

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Sandholm, 18:19


The Midweek Market occurs four or five times each year, depending how many Wednesdays July has. This year it has four and so the 2021’s midweek market happens for the last time tonight.

We hurry down, soon after Irma arrives, and I buy ten of Marie’s fishcakes while Irma buys a cake from Gerda who has made a guest appearance running Gunnel’s stall while Gunnel does something else.

Rain has threatened the market since this morning but suddenly it fulfills its promise. The heavens open while we sit in our regular place in Benita’s. We watch the people playing minigolf putting plastic raincoats on and continuing to play. The rain intensifies to meet the challenge and within five minutes the golf has emptied and people huddle under umbrellas under trees.