Monday, August 23

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Work room, 20:54


Winter continued. I walked in it after breakfast and wondered whether the weather would act like this permanently: switching between seasons randomly from one week to the next.

Always a sucker for punishment, I cycled to Clas Ohlson at midday to see if they had the kind of nuts and bolts I imagined I needed to fix the wheels on the Dyson vacuum cleaner, which have taken to falling off. They didn’t but I got to experience the cold again.

After an afternoon of writing, sorting, ordering, and reading, we go to K-Rauta where I actually find what I need – or almost what I need. I have the vacuum cleaner working for two minutes and then one of the wheels falls off. I do not mind because it falls off in a way that I now know how to fix.

I sit down and read; finishing Colson Whitehead’s interestingly oblique The Intuitionist, which I like immensely. At some point I look down at the carpet and photograph it.