Thursday, September 9

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Suvilahti, 16:56


A generalisation: everyone needs to leave the house from time to time. Or: a change of scenery every now and then becomes necessary if you want to remain fresh.

Today I came to Pixelache to do some work. I had some writing that required concentration, and I had a long meeting with the VAKEN Team 10 that required me to make a fair bit of noise. Both activities benefitted from sitting somewhere where I would not disturb anyone else.

Now, as I leave Pixelache, I turn and notice a newly decorated urban box. Or at least a box that I don’t remembered seeing decorated like this before. I stop to photograph it.

I then walk up a gravelly hill, damp and slippery from rain, and onto the road by the pedestrian crossing. Normally I would get off the metro at Puotila and cycle the rest of the way home. Today the chain came off my bike as I cycled down the hill towards Alepa, on the way to the metro station.

So I won’t cycle home.