Sunday, February 12

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Vartiokylantie, 13:45

In order to put the shelves up I need some special plugs. The wall is thin and I need the plugs that will expand behind it to prevent the shelf dropping off the wall. Irma is beginning to pack for Nepal and I am on my way to Prisma.

It is only minus one, and snow is falling gently. I have walked down to the bus stop, checked the timetable and decided to walk all the way. I will get there without being overtaken by a bus. I will get the plugs I need as well as two phone chargers to replace the ones Moonshine has destroyed.

Irma is now finding this officially annoying, and is threatening to expel Moonshine if it continues to bite through every electric cable it sees. It has taken to doing this with speedy and ruthless efficiency sublimely unaware that it is in danger of orphaning itself.

Once the shelving is finally up, I will spend a couple of hours clearing the snow and taking turns with Irma trying to get it off the roof by pulling it down on our heads.