Cassettes today

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POSTED: September 3, 2021

I had some time on my hands in Porto while hanging around in the main shopping street and so I decided to pop into a branch of fnac.

I wandered around looking at things and then went down to the music department where I looked at the range of current hits. I came across a display of the latest thing by Billie Eilish. I say “thing” not to disparage her work but because I don’t know what to call something available not just as a CD but also as a vinyl album AND, to my amazement, as a cassette!

I looked at this, opened it, touched it, and then wondered: if I bought this what would I do with it?

I would discover the answer a week later when I have to set up a new Sony boombox. It comes with FM radio, a cd player and a cassette player.

Back to the future, indeed!