Michael Chapman

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POSTED: September 13, 2021

Michael Chapman died on September 10th at the age of eighty.

I have a lot of his albums on my music player and listen to them regularly. I like some more than others, but then I would I suppose. I do not have much music that I can honestly say that I have listened to since I left university in the seventies, but I can say that about several of Michael Chapman’s albums.

I saw him play live on several occasions: once with a band, once with Rick Kemp, and once on his own. His guitar playing proved spellbinding on every occasion, especially when he managed to sound like several guitars playing together.

I spoke with Mark about him yesterday and we both turned out to have liked him all our adult lives, and to have the same favourite track: the live version of Among the Trees from the 1975 album Pleasures of the Street.

I should add that I have borrowed the photograph above from God Is In The TV because the image seemed much more suitable than any images available from album covers.

You should have a look at the God Is In The TV site, if you do not already know it. If you have read this far then I think you will like it.