Friday, September 17

YEAR:  2021 | Tags:  | | |

Stoa, 8:35


Yesterday I received two notifications to tell me that I have a book and a CD to collect from the library. I decided to give today’s walk a purpose. After breakfast I stride briskly off with my porpoise.

I arrive at Stoa and outside I see an exhibition with art from all over the world. I look at it but can see neither a title nor divine an exact theme. I can, however, see a geodesic dome that serves as a greenhouse and houses a small garden.

I walk into the library, which opens at 8am but remains unstaffed until 10am. I find the shelves with Discover America and Waking Gods. I register them as borrowed and return Sleeping Giants at the same time.

Job done, I leave, look up at the darkening sky, and head briskly home. Later I will look out of the window and notice that the sky has cleared and now looks deceptively bright and blue.

I will notice this after I have spent over an hour in Microsoft hell. I tried to log into Minecraft using my Snowcastle Valley account to discover that I need to use the Microsoft Authenticator on my phone for two factor authentication. I open the app and it tells me that I need to download the app. I download the app again, open it to set it up, and it tells me that for security reasons I need to download the app.

Eventually I will have a nervous breakdown and sit in the corner for three weeks sobbing.