Saturday, September 18

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Sundö, 16:00


We set off for Höstmarknad this morning and arrived at Tirmo to find an unexpectedly long queue for the ferry. People usually make an effort to come to the last market of the summer but not this many. We made it onto the ferry just before the compulsory pause to anable the pilot to spend twenty minutes going to the toilet, having a coffee, and stretching his legs.

Fortunately we had phoned ahead last night, so Marie had our bag full of fish waiting for us when we arrived and Ritva, the old lady from Porvoo who has grown into a cake magnate, still had everything we wanted except for the salmon pies that had become my favourite market food this summer.

We compensated by having a cup of coffee and two egg sandwiches at Benita’s – and we actually bought the last two egg sandwiches of summer.

Back at the farm, we pack everything away and seal the open kitchen with a tarpaulin. We also wrap the boat up and I realise how little I need to do to store it over winter. Three pallets and two big block of wood and the boat sits in place.

Finally we say goodbye to Camilla and Mika. I just wish Finnish summers lasted longer, because I love them.