Monday, September 20

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Rekitie, 9:11


I continued to listen to the Reaffirmation compilation by Help Yourself as I walked, and this time I walked quickly because the temperature felt only slightly above freezing. I walked for an hour and during that time day arrived and the air warmed.

I thought hard about something inspiring to say to all my fans. How can I become an influencer unless I inspire people? A more pertinent question: how can that ten-word sentence have so many things wrong with it?

As I walk to the end of the path I catch site of the metal goalposts and wander over to take a photograph of the metal. I will walk up Rekitie, turn right, and then left down Riskutie.

I will have abandoned any hope of becoming an influencer by the time I turn towards home. I will look up to the sky and think nothing much at all for several minutes.

What a shame that Deke Leonard and Help Yourself never recorded an album together, I will decide eventually, as Eddie Waring from the Christmas at the Patti album begins playing.