Tuesday, September 21

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Ring Road 3, 17:38


Some weeks energy and inspiration arrives in bucket-loads, and some weeks it doesn’t. So far this has proved the second type. I spent the day trying to do Thing A when Thing B needed my attention, and later doing it all in reverse. Two meetings got cancelled despite the fact that I had moved a third meeting to fit in the second.

At 16:10 I give up and decide to go for a very long walk. I listen to Deke Leonard as I walk and find myself more interested than I had intended. Some of it remains interesting and bracing, and Map of India definitely remains a single that should have turned into a hit.

An hour or more into my walk I turn left down the side of Ring Road 3 towards Prisma. I stop and watch the traffic. Nothing very interesting happens but the light seems worth watching.

A bus stops and then pulls out again. I document this for not reason at all really.

By the time I get home my knees will have started to complain. I will ignore them.