Monday, September 27

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Sudurlandsbraut , 19:12


The wind continued and got harder, and I stayed in my room all day to work on doctoral essays, Minecraft testing, podcasts and preparations for tomorrow’s meeting.

I had a wonderfully disturbed night, waking up at about 1:30 and staying awake for ninety minutes then falling asleep and waking up again. The howling wind, however, made everything charming and cute, and made me feel as though I had woken up inside a children’s adventure book.

The Famous Five woke up several times more but went back to sleep again until finally emerging suddenly into the dim morning light that constituted 8:15.

By the time I got to breakfast the huge room resembled a comic convention with people in constant motion and peering over each other at whatever lay on the tables.

At 19:30 I got a message from Micke to meet downstairs for a walk to a restaurant. By the time I got to the ground floor he and Christa had left, so I sat with everyone else until they decided to walk to an even more local restaurant.

We enter Askur after a five minute stroll and I order a vegetable burger while most of the others opt for lamb.

By 21:50 we will have returned to the hotel and by 22:22 I will find myself with my head on my pillow checking the time, seconds away from deep sleep.